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Massimo Dutti is a Spanish company belonging to the Inditex group dedicated to the manufacturing of clothing. It was created in 1985 and its product range was limited to men's clothing.In 1991 Inditex acquired 65 percent of the shares of the company before acquiring it fully. Today massimo Dutti has 634 stores in 61 countries and share a universal design which transcends national borders to connect with today's men and women, who are independent, urban and cosmopolitan. It offers a wide variety of collections, ranging from sophisticated high-end fashion to easygoing casual wear.'Massimo Dutti' is not a fashion designer, nor a real person, but just a trade mark. Despite the Italian name, is a totally Spanish company.
  • Vendeur/Vendeuse Massimo Dutti

    Massimo Dutti BE

    Nous recherchons pour notre enseigne MASSIMO DUTTI un/une Vendeur/se dont la tâche principale est d’aider nos clients. Véritable ambassadeur/rice de notre marque, vous mettez vos qualités d’accueil et de conseil au service de notre clientèle et votre dynamisme au service de l’équipe.

    Bruxelles26 juil. 2022